The tale begins one dark and stormy night, as do they all, just as Justin F. Kase was finishing up a grand dinner of mescaline and Mickey's malt liquor. The wind outside his window rustled the trees and caused the panes to creak in a most fearful way. Just then, he was struck by "White Lightning", a brightly colored phantasm appeared before him emanating such an awesome aura of pure light. It was the venerable Doctor Head, himself, in spectral form extending the invitation to enter into a fraternity beyond any known in history.

Doctor Head is a retired military psychotherapist. Prior to and during Vietnam his area of study was largely based on psychotropics and their potential effects on the enemy. After the experiments came to an end he was sworn to secrecy and discharged into civilian status. This is when the magic began. Little is it known that Head was one of the original sources of LSD in the early 60's counter-culture.

Over the decades he has remained well hidden from the government eye in order to continue his experiments with chemical and sound. On this stormy night the good doctor had happened upon an extremely large dose of the same mescaline as Justin which allowed for the psychic communication. Together the two formulated the notion of a traveling feast for the mind. The Psyche Convention.

Head was made aware of several other key players to the new movement that night, as well, and bestowed Justin with the task of finding and recruiting them into the new light.

So far the Convention exists as Justin Kase, Kimico Kreation, amerika, Happy T. Sadness and 2 invisible players who remain un-named. 2004