Welcome to the Creation Monkey Studios Home Page
The Creation Monkey Studios is proud to host 2 new attractions on the gabber scene: Doctor head and the Psyche Convention and Justin Kase (presents) the Curio Sideshow.

Located in an unknown region of Colorado's Rocky Mountains, the venerable Doctor Head and his crew of Conventioneers are oozing an old timey psychedelic sound of yesteryear. At the present this disturbing group of sound artists, lead by Justin Friggin Kase, boast 2 full length CD's under the moniker of The Psyche Convention.

The Curio Sideshow is a side project of Justin's, working closely w/ ex-Conventioneer amerika (a.k.a. The Shape Shifter).

Their dark sound imagery is, now, available exclusively Through Creation monkey Studios.

Creation Monkey Studios is an independent "mom and pop" recording and distribution facility who's mission it is to help experimenting sound artists find a market for their products. We will handle retail and wholesale sales of all materials offered w/ the bare minimum of exploitation of the artist. We will also work with international distributors should the demand arise.